Klipsch THX Ultra2 Home Theater System (6 subwoofers total)
Front of the room, with Klipsch La Scalas across the LCR, and two of the four Klipsch KW-120-THX subwoofers.
Original La Scala vs La Scala AL5
Valencia Tuscany home theater seating



My other, other, passion

Power amps

  • Rotel RB-1090 , THX Ultra2, 2 channel amp (380w/ch) for front left and right
  • Rotel RB-993, THX 3 channel amp (200w/ch)
  • Anthem MCA 325 (Gen 2), 3 channel amp (225w/ch) for LCR
  • Emotiva XPA-5, 5 channel amp (200/ch)



  • Anthem AVM 70 15.2-channel 4K Pre-Amp/Processor
  • Onkyo PR-SC5509 9.2-channel THX Ultra2 Plus preamp/processor with Audyssey MultEQ XT32, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio

Preamps/processors (semi-retired)

  • Rotel RSP-985, THX Ultra preamp & DTS, Dolby Digital (5.1), and ProLogic processor
  • Luxman: TP-114, tuner and preamp, acting as phono stage and misc throughput


  • Samsung QN85Q90T 85″ 4K TV
  • Panasonic DP-UB9000P1K Reference Class 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player with HDR10+ and Dolby Vision
  • Oppo BDP-103D Darbee Edition Blu-Ray
  • Pioneer Elite BDP-95FD Blu-Ray
  • Roku Ultra, and Google Chromecast 4K media streaming device



Power Protection

  • 1 – Max M5300-PM (rack mount surge protection and line conditioning)
  • 1 – Max 5500-EX (rack mount surge protection and line conditioning)
  • 1 – Max 5300-EX (rack mount surge protection and line conditioning)


  • Denon DP-7F, turntable
  • Sony TC-WE475 cassette deck
  • Mitsubishi: HS-U780, SVHS VCR

Cabling +

  • AudioQuest:
    • Type 4 speaker cabling
    • Topaz x2 audio interconnects from processors to amplifiers
    • Copperhead interconnects
    • Video One composite video
    • Big Feet
  • Tributaries:
    • 7DH Series 7 HDMI cable (Blu-Ray to HDTV)
    • SCV 100 digital coax cable
    • Direct Optical (Toslink DVR to processor)
  • Blue Jeans Cable
    • Belden 1800F XLR balanced interconnects  (processor to amps)
    • Belden 5T00UP 10 AWG speaker cable
    • Belden 5000UE 12 AWG speaker cable
    • Belden 1694A coaxial digital audio cable
    • BJC LC-1 subwoofer interconnects


  • Monster Cable:
    • HDMI-800HD
    • THX 900 HDMI
    • HDMI-400HD
    • THXI100-FO8NF Toslink
    • THX Ultra 600 Digital Coax
    • M500V composite video
    • Z300 & Super Video 3 SVHS cables