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nInJaMoUsE |
Hmmm, Hmmmm? Ok Eriel, I'm still waiting for the "LAN GAME"!!! Just thought you should know that I'm glad to have met someone like yourself...Maybe one of these days, you'll get waisted and try some seafood for a change? It's good for you. Oh, yeah one more thing:You owe me PIZZA! :) You did awsome on your website.
2004.06.24--14:44:09 - Ibiza Spain-yeah I wish...SLO, CA.

Nick Brown
i know that you are expecting something witty and all that,
but i have yet to see anything on your site. Perhaps we can come back to this part.

I thoroughly enjoy that life has not limited me to knowing only boreing people. Knowing you has been extremely delightful. I would hope, for me, that life keeps you within my range of friends.
2004.06.15--10:15:10 - Only time will tell

Elias Reveles
the legend of all good things to come,is alive and well in your website.
please continue.
Live long and prosper.

Mary Simons |
Greetings my friend. You only get better with age - kind of like a fine wine. Love you.
2003.12.11--05:25:57 - Hicktown USA

Tara O'Brien |
Although I am not a Trekkie. I can appreciate the extent of your devotion to the show. Enjoy!
2003.01.16--08:50:38 - Poway California

Cynthia Lanier
What a fun site! Gives a person something to think about or just enjoy!
2003.01.3--19:49:26 - Davis, CA

Hey you - this looks great. Very pro of course.
2003.01.2--06:28:05 - I'm not sure

Your mother (yes, you really have one) | |
You are the magnesite-nitron in the darkness.
2002.12.30--04:16:18 - in the neighborhood

Eriel...quick test | |
to prove (hopefully) that CHMOD 755 on cgi-bin/guestbook (dir & .pl) will work under Apache suExec wrapper for this script...'cause 777 won't play...growl!
2002.12.29--08:53:06 - cgi frustration and syntax hell

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