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Welcome, and thank you for considering my services to resolve your computer and networking needs.

My professional work history and profile can be read in its entirety on LinkedIn, and on my resume.

About Me: I've been in the technical fields of IT, software, telecommunications, and electronics my entire adult career. I have a driving passion for fixing broken things, whether they are inefficient business processes, illogical procedures, misbehaving servers, or software bugs. If it isn't right, let’s make it better.

I take customer (internal or external) advocacy as the supreme edict for the successful technology professional. Unfortunately, all too often, the voice of the client is drowned out by the din of sweeping strategy initiatives, quarterly earnings announcements, resource wrangling, and NPV/ROI analysis. It’s too easy to lose sight of what matters–producing an output that satisfies (or exceeds) the customer’s expectations. Success cannot fail to manifest once you capture client loyalty by proving to them you’re listening and responsive to their needs.

As Director of Information Technologies at a medium sized corporation I saw the effects of my use of those principles put into action, from the end-user to CEO. It provided me with the unique experience to not only control and manage the entire IT spectrum, but also, maintain the hands-on technical expertise from the server to the desktop.

I completed my Technology Management MBA at the University of Washington in 2013 in order to further develop my skills of effectively integrating strategic business requirements with my technology expertise.

I have a diverse background that spans the small privately owned company to the multinational/multi-billion dollar corporation and have the individualized skill sets and know-how to achieve objectives in these very different environments. 

I've created and supervised a new technical support department and was privileged to see it used as the gold standard for procedure, documentation, and customer support for the following decade. 

Core competencies include: (Services)

My mission statement is simple:…do excellent work. Do excellent work for reasonable rates, educate the client about technology to the level they want, and help the them make sense of the TLA (three letter acronym) phenomenon that the computer industry loves to baffle the end-user with.

Techno-nerds love the lingo and insider contextual references—myself included—but it doesn’t help the client if they walk away from a discussion not having a clue what you just said, or what you’re planning to do for them.

I’ll explain things to you and advise you in such a way that you’ll have no troubles understanding what the plan of attack is, why this approach and not others, and give you the opportunity to make the best decision while understanding the cost-benefit relationship of each of your options.

Business Philosophy: I find one the most fulfilling things about running my own business, is that I get to do the opposite of what annoys me most about the uber-corps, and their apathetic treatment of customers, with their off-shore call centers, and irresponsible, condescending, ill-informed staff that have no oversight or accountability in their actions.

I get to make a personal connection; I get to establish a trusting, transparent business relationship that is about creating, the now clichéd, win:win. In short, I get the run my business the way I want, and treat my clients the way I wish other companies treated me.

I'm typically behind one machine or mobile device 10-16 hours a day, day in and day out. That's the kind of skill and dedication you want to bring to bear when you're in a critical situation.

Approach: I’ve come to realize that not everyone loves to work on their computers for hours, and hours; not everyone will derive great enjoyment from staying up all night and building a new computer from hand-picked components; not everyone loves finding that illusive clue on some backwater forum that tells you just the correct registry tweak to fix some obscure annoyance; and not everyone will configure five to ten machines in their home just to stress test a new network configuration for a LAN party.

It is likely you are visiting this site because you are the person described above. I can relate to that. The last thing I want to do is learn all about how the new Boeing 787 Dramliner's composite body is formed and stress tested when I board a flight. I just need to know that someone I can trust has taken care of the details, and that I'm in good hands for the rest of the should it be with your technology consultant.

So if you’re having technology issues, thinking about upgrading, want to get your Wi-Fi secured properly, need to test your firewall, have malware/virus problems, or need someone to manage your office servers, network and backups, give me a call. I’ll be honest with you on your options. Sometimes spending money isn’t the best plan, sometimes holding off is better. In order to make educated decisions, however, you'll need a trusted advisor that can provide you with the information you need to help you set the correct course of action to meet your goals and business objectives.

Please contact me with your questions or comments.

Thank you.



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